Flor de Nopal Literary Festival 2011

Presented by the Emma S. Barrientos Mexcian American Cultural Center:

Flor de Nopal Literary Festival 2011

Featured Readers: Levi Romero and Carmen Tafolla

Full list of readers:

Friday, Dec 2nd          

Christopher Carmona

Sarah Shaney Reeves

Gloria Amescua

Ari Chagoya

Scott Wiggerman

Katie Hoerth

jo reyes-boitel

Abe Louise Young

Trey Moore

Liliana Valenzuela

Joe Jimenez

Levi Romero


Saturday, Dec 3rd

Laurie Ann Guerrero

K. Denea Stewart Shaheed

Celeste Guzman Mendoza

Maria Miranda Maloney

Rachel Jennings

Jorge Antonio Renaud

Tammy Melody Gomez

Brenda Riojas Nettles

ire’ne lara silva

Erin Bad Hand

Noemi Martinez

Carmen Tafolla

Following events free and open to the public:

Dec 1st, 7p-9p : Workshops on writing and creativity. Free. Open to the public.

Dec 2nd, 7p-9p: Reading

Dec 3rd, 7p-9p: Reading

If you, your organization, or your business would like to co-sponsor this event or make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact ire’ne at irenelarasilva@yahoo.com

Confirmed co-sponsors: Red Salmon Arts, Las Comadres de las Americas, UT Center for Mexican American Studies, Alma de Mujer

Check back for updated info!


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